TypeClap 2020

TypeClap is the outcome of the collaborative workshop between the Master in Audiovisual Creativity (SISOMO) and the Master in Graphic Design (MGD/MDG) that was held during the week of July 10—17, 2020.

The aim of the workshop was to investigate how we can influence our perception of typography by adding movement and sound to it.
As a general rule we choose a font based on its drawing and shape. In the common imagination this is something static. In this workshop we tried to challenge this typographic paradigm by adding movement and sound to a custom-made alphabet.
Each character of this alphabet has been designed, animated and sonorized by a different student with total style freedom and only some rules for proportion, size and BPM.

We created this website to celebrate the TypeClap alphabet in a unique way: You can send plenty of funky messages to your friends and loved ones. Enjoy it! (even better with your headphones on)

Big thanks to the workshop instructors David Galar, Gerard Mallandrich (gimmewings.studio) and Nil Ciuró (nilciuro.com).



Máster en Diseño y Creatividad Audiovisual


Maria Fernanda Haro
Juan Pablo Martínez
Macarena Miño
César Moreno
Margarita Pérez
Jinbin Piao
Giulia Urban

Master in Graphic Design


Anushree Agarwal
Lorenzo Binard
Kristine Caguiat
Catarina Dias
Layla El Meligy
Beatriz Ferreira
Nathalie Hanna
Salima Kobaiter
Barbara Lizardo
Marina Mariano
Parinita Modi
Marta Ramaciotti
Lukas Yonis Abubeker

Master en Diseño Gráfico


Jaume Alemañ
Paloma Almodóvar
Nicolás Cevallos
Marta Córdoba
Víctor Cuenca Haro
Sílvia de Castro
Jonathan Rodríguez
Pedro Rollán
Sara Sanz Gallén
Taira Sedini